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In the following pages you will see some examples of my work both pastel and oil.  It's a constant chore to both paint (my passion) and maintain a website (my duty) .  
I have been painting most of my life and am primarily self taught.  From my earliest days there were always oil paints, charcoal and an easel in our house.   Classes with Virginia McNeice and Joan Bohrer have helped me to put what I feel onto paper and canvas.  Thank you!
During the years I lived in New York City, I became a passionate photographer. Upon moving to the country over 30 years ago now, I found a use for that art form as a beginning to my paintings.  I photograph the scene from various angles and work from these images in my studio, combining  these photographs with my graphic design training to start the process.  I work small at first then move into larger formats - my work becomming more expressive as it gets larger.  Pastel has become my medium of choice. I like the feel of pastel on paper.  
I am fortunate to live in the beautiful town of Salem, New York.  Snuggled up against the both the Adirondak Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont. The town is surrounded by soft rolling hills dotted with historic family farms, dairy cattle, sheep, and field upon field of corn.  The four distinct seasons plus man's hand make for an ever-changing view throughout the year.  The beautiful landscapes and old barns of this area inspire me.  The barns and plowed fields and the angles they create in an otherwise soft and rolling landscape beckon me to record them.  Sadly, many of the barns that I have painted over the years have disappeared.
I hope you enjoy your travels through my website. Come visit it any time you want a taste of this beautiful countryside.  Feel free to contact me with your questions.